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Hiking has risks

Lisa Delaney

Hiking is a popular and beloved summer activity in Colorado. But no one likes it when they bring home a tick as part of an outing. Ticks can spread disease, cause infections that may last a lifetime, and are an unwanted addition to outdoors time. Unfortunately, Coloradans can probably expect more tick encounters, thanks in part to climate change.

While climate change poses threats to human population, it is good for many insects we view as pests, including ticks. While we can take measures to reduce the risk of bringing home these annoying pests after spending time in Colorado’s great outdoors, unless we address the forces driving the increasing tick population – such as global climate change – it’s likely to get worse, not better.

That’s why I’m calling on Sen. Cory Gardner to come out of hiding and address this issue head on. Coloradans deserve leadership on pressing issues, like climate change and its associated impacts. Colorado deserves better, and Senator Gardner should get busy working for all Coloradans, rather than spending his time chasing after well-heeled donors to protect the status quo.

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