Ineptitude in roadwork |

Ineptitude in roadwork

Bruno Kirchenwitz

I recently witnessed the greatest ineptitude in roadwork I have ever seen. I’ve been a traffic control supervisor on major interstate projects, so I know what I am talking about when I say you never funnel a two-lane interstate onto a shoulder during rush hour. And on top of that, the signage was totally inadequate.

Thanks to some idiot, there were a couple of thousand commuters in a two-lane, several-mile-long parking lot on I-70 between Silt and New Castle eastbound.

There is absolutely no excuse for such callous disregard of motorists and their safety.

And one more thing, when the work was done in a closure area for the day, we took it down and put it back the next day. Nothing promotes speeding through work zones more than non-working road closures.

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