Join Lassy Village to help find missing kids |

Join Lassy Village to help find missing kids

In October 2012, our state’s heart broke at the loss of Jessica Ridgeway. She was a sweet, 10-year-old fifth-grader at Witt Elementary School in Westminster and was kidnapped on her way home from school.

​Unfortunately, this story is very common in the world today. About 800,000 children go missing each year.

Now, we have the power to protect children from abductions with The Lassy Project.

​Here are some definitions:

You (noun): A person willing to stop what he or she is doing to help locate a missing child nearby. A group of you make up the Lassy Village.

Lassy Village (noun): A group of people who form an instant search and rescue team for a missing child. They are notified in seconds and can drastically increase the chances of finding the child quickly.

The Lassy Project is a free application for your iOS or Android smart phone. At the press of a button, parents can have hundreds of people looking for their missing child.

Parents program their child’s route to places like school, the park or a friend’s house.

The Lassy Project will alert parents immediately if a child goes off route.

If the child is missing, parents may escalate the alert to notify the Lassy Village.

The Lassy Project will notify villagers near the missing child to help find the child quickly.

The bigger the Lassy Village, the safer the child. Protect kids from child abductions and join today.

It’s vital that we’re all involved and part of the Lassy Village.

Carli Dean

Glenwood Springs

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