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Leter: How to fund the detox center

Wake up! Rise up! Tax the high-end, for-profit, elitist “rehab and spiritual development centers,” aka Jaywalker Lodge, et al, which are basking in the region. Why? They’re churning through up to 40 young entitled “patients” at $6,000-15,000 each per month each month.

That’s $120,000 up to more than $250,000 per month gross for food, lodging and talk that they’ve convinced exasperated parents and deluded benefactors will solve their loved one’s problems. And for profit?

That’s as absurd as listening to some schlock developer getting $1 million for a spiffed-up Sheetrock condo in Aspen. Does little but satiate the payer’s needs for “approval,” but at least the county and city up there take a cut for the community.

Just require these “enterprises” to turn over half their net profits to the true good of their effort. We’d have a compassionate, beautiful effort thriving, and the underlying ethos would become one of a spiritual sharing of real love versus self-centered profit motives.

Rise up! Tax the rich “talkers.” Help those who can’t help themselves … yet.

Bill Shepherd


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