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Letter: 1,000-foot gas setback needed

Peace and prosperity are needed for the pursuit of happiness. Drilling for gas in Battlement Mesa will upset the peaceful environment people moved here to enjoy.

The Garfield County commissioners must reject the special use permit(s) the gas drillers are submitting to drill in people’s back yards. There is no national emergency to extract gas in highly populated communities with health risks undecided. A 1,000-foot setback reduces fears of health risk from drilling.

Prosperity for the gas industry will not be affected by a 1,000-foot setback with all the technology available today and in the wings. Health studies are still under way and the pointer is leaning to the danger zone.

Why risk polluting Battlement Mesa or any other humans? A 1,000-foot setback may not be sufficient to mitigate health issues from fracking and gas operations, but it is a sensible compromise. Gas drillers say they want to work with communities; here is their chance to prove it.

We really don’t know what are safe levels of toxins produced from gas operators. Until we do, don’t allow drilling within at least 1,000 feet of humans. Would you want your parents and grandparents living 100 feet from fracking operations?

John Keller


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