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Letter: $122 million is too much

So now you have heard or read that big-name groups are in favor of the RFSD bond issue: the Glenwood Chamber, Glenwood City Council and even this newspaper. But don’t let that sway you in making the best decision for you and your family.

When you are giving away money, you first need to determine how much you can afford to give, not just how much the receivers want. I am not saying that RFSD should not get any money for its needs, but we are not getting any absolutes on how our money will be spent.

Show us a architectural drawing of the proposed new school, where exactly will it be built. Oh, you don’t know yet? OK, come back for your money once you do. You have to make your decision on your vote by how things were handled last time we gave RFSD tens of millions of dollars. It built that inefficient, overly priced high school. So now we need to be sure our millions are not wasted again, make them be accountable before they get our money.

We all know that land in this valley is very expensive, that is why when the city of Glenwood built a new city hall, with our tax dollars, it was built efficiently. A smaller rectangular footprint many stories high — that is how our schools should be built.

I am not saying don’t properly accommodate our children with good schools, just do it cost effectively. And how many of you taxpayers out there got help buying your homes? And because teachers are public employees we should subsidize their homes? Well, let’s not play favorites, how about all the public employees at City Hall and Garfield County, are we going to help them, too?

We have to draw a line on spending somewhere. Yes, RFSD needs some money, but $122 million is wasteful spending. Make them sharpen their No. 2 school pencils.

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