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Letter: 3B — more than we can afford

Bill Maltby
Glenwood Springs

I have to admire the amazing sales job that the Roaring Fork School District has done to promote the $122 million solution to the educational deficiencies in our valley. The 3B website that includes a section on “how to write a letter to the editor” is very professional and educational. Darn good thing that the funds for this political campaign did not come from the taxpayers.

Other than the obnoxious foray into the private housing market, the most shocking disclosure is how little this will cost the average taxpayer — only about $4.60 per month for a homeowner with a $100,000 house. (Hmmmm, a $100.000 house in the Roaring Fork Valley, what a concept.) Pretty good bargain until you calculate the effect on commercial real estate. But the big benefit to the homeowner is that the value of his house will go up in the future.

Very few voters will consider the effect that this tax increase will have on jobs and the cost of operating a small business. Since commercial real estate is charged up to four times the amount as residential, it is hard to see how all the vacant storefronts and commercial buildings will get rented with higher rents that must follow this increase. We like to complain about high prices in our valley, well guess what happens to prices and wages when rents are increased.

As Joe Infacelli wrote in his letter, an increase in taxes may be palatable if we bought one project at a time. A $122 million “shotgun” request is more then we can afford. Otherwise it is a great plan until you run out of other people’s money.

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