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Letter: A beautiful bypass is possible

I recently attended a Frontier Historical Society presentation by Floyd Diemoz at our library. Floyd was one of the original group in the 1960s who believed that a beautiful I-70 highway could be built through Glenwood Canyon. It would be fashioned after the elevated autostrada highways in Europe rather than the “cut and fill” methods proposed (and already started) by CDOT.

CDOT fought their efforts vehemently. CDOT was determined to do it their way … think of the cost, the time, they argued.

Floyd and the group came up against the thinking of the time. It took years to battle with CDOT. Their group called in experts and architects. They made a film to show that it could be done. This group did not give up. They worked on this for years. They stuck it out, they were persistent, they fought all the barriers presented to them — the money worriers, the nay-sayers — because they knew they were right. Look at this beautiful road in the canyon today. It is one of our wonders and folks are in awe of its design and beauty. If only we had this group today with their persistence, their doggedness and a knowledge that a beautiful bypass could be just as possible.

Here we are today dealing with CDOT again. With their “our way or no way” attitude, trying to hurry us up (no EIS), threatening us with the money now or never, frightening us that our bridge is going to collapse. CDOT knows that our traffic on Grand Avenue is going to double and triple in years to come. We know this already. Look at all the giant trucks, tanker trucks and massive car traffic zooming through right now. Can you imagine it in a few more years?

We even have the City Council singing an old Eagles song, “Get over it … get over it.” They want us to give up.

If only we could have the insight, doggedness and passion as the I-70 guys. A beautiful bypass could be designed around our town and perhaps we wouldn’t have to live with this humongous flyway bridge spewing speeding traffic into our quaint, quiet, tourist town.

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