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Letter: A bypass is not the right solution

I am following the evolution of the new Grand Avenue Bridge design with great interest and am a bit surprised at the recent surge in anti-bridge/pro-bypass sentiment. I certainly had my doubts at first but think the current design will be a great boon for Glenwood and our downtown in many different ways. I’m excited to see it happen.

More than a decade ago, I, too, was a bypass supporter because I loved the notion of less traffic downtown. The bypass was a hot topic during my campaign for City Council back then and so I spent considerable time researching the bypass by reading through piles of CDOT files and talking to many folks around town. I found that most people loved the idea of less traffic downtown, but I’d say most folks with whom I spoke did not support a bypass once we dug into the pros and cons. Like them, I decided a bypass simply wasn’t a good option for Glenwood.

For me a bypass is like heating Grand Avenue in order to keep it snow-free — sure it would be wonderful for limited times, but the environmental impact, cost to install it, and worse yet, the cost to maintain it, would be outrageous. The pros simply outweigh the cons by a large margin.

The nail in the coffin for me was the overwhelming evidence that building more traffic lanes to reduce or relocate congestion has proved over and over again to not only be futile, but punishing to the future generations that will foot the bill in terms of financial liability, compromised quality of life and environmental impact.

To me building a bypass sounds like a great solution, but it really simply kicks the transportation can down the road without solving much. I say let’s move on.

Dan Richardson


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