Letter: A cesspool of ugly thought

I understand that many of us have different core values when it comes to immigration. Some of us focus on the positive contributions of immigrants while others are concerned that they are seeking to appropriate the resources of this land. Some view the history of United States as exploitation of immigrant populations for our economic benefit while others feel they are currently being exploited though immigrant population resource usage.

Some of us look upon the original white settlers to this country as the first illegal immigrants, while others hold that we brought culture and a better way of life to barbaric and savage nations. We do not all share the same values. We interpret statistics to fit our deeply cherished beliefs, and language our conversations to enhance our positions. We rarely change each other’s minds. I understand the deep divisions. What I do not understand is the personal hatred and vitriol.

In his recent letter to the editor on March 16 Neil Pollack (Carbondale) referred to this (“immigrant” or “undocumented”) community as an “invading army Balkanizing our country and turning what was once a ‘shining city on the hill’ into yet another third world cesspool like the one they left.” How concise. In one sentence, he denigrates not only our neighbors, but also an entire country. Swimming in a cesspool of that kind of thinking is a sorrowful place to be. It is ugly and contributes nothing to the deep divide but hatred.

Niki Delson


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