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Letter: A lot worth fighting for in Thompson Divide, Four Mile area

After attending the EIS meeting in Glenwood hosted by the BLM, I have become increasingly aware that average citizens have to go to extraordinary lengths to have our voices heard and heeded. It’s obvious that the Thompson Divide should not be drilled on so many levels — we all know them or not. I guess there are factions of people — BLM, Forest Service, county commissioners, SG Interests, Ursa and the general public — that don’t feel protection of our water, air, health, economies, lifestyles, wildlife and quality of life are things worth fighting for. If all those players are against us — really, why is life worth living? What are they living for? Living under a rock, or basing everything on a buck, or just plain asleep at the wheel?

[I attended] the P&Z meeting regarding the proposed Glenwood Ridge development up Four Mile Road. In the first 15 minutes the city engineer pretty much lined out that even without further development our traffic systems at Sunlight Bridge will fail by 2020. Can the city really grant a request for further development if the infrastructure can’t handle it? It seems an obvious no-brainer.

Are people that inept that we really can’t make real-life decisions that seem so obvious? This is how we are represented? We the people are represented and being governed by people that can’t make rational decisions. Is it too much texting? Or no common sense? Or have they got their hands out?

Please, God, help us all and let’s hope that you are not waiting in traffic on the Grand Avenue Bridge when it collapses into the river because we’re still waiting to formulate a plan on the bypass.

If you care about where you live and want to protect your way of life and the things that you love — get involved. That means that you show up at meetings and you stand up and be counted. We need you. There is always a fight, and we must stay vigilant or else everything you love will be cut down and ruined for the sake of the almighty dollar.

Lisa Wuerker

Glenwood Springs

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