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Letter: A naturalist’s rant

Exploring public lands extensively during the past 13 years that I have lived in the area, I have observed the condition and quality of our beautiful environment. Our national forests, BLM land, city parks, wildlife areas, county roads and river banks have all been areas of my study and interest. I collect rocks for my tumblers and acquire knowledge of the geology and biology of the region.

Trash appears in most areas for a large variety of reasons, and the BLM lands appear to have been the most abused. Boulders have been placed in many areas to prevent off-roaders from intentional or incidental damage. From hunter encampments to the midnight dumpers, many people leave their calling cards. Computers and TV sets are the latest rage and line the brush on approach to the landfill.

The banks of our watersheds should belong to all citizens due to their extreme importance, yet many landowners choose to fence to the water line with skull and crossbones and warnings of trespass. I hiked along the south bank of the Colorado River from the South Canyon bridge west to nearly the Canyon Creek RR bridge and saw some perplexing items I later resolved.

Dozens and dozens of sandals and other personal items appeared as flotsam and jetsam. Incidental loss of items by the recreational floaters. The boat paddle I found wedged in the rocks had a phone number that turned out to belong to a commercial rafter. Why would they include the phone number yet have no interest in its return?

I couldn’t walk 20 feet without spotting another golf ball wedged in a rocky crevice. Perhaps I must study the physics of the golf ball, as I always thought these things sank in water. Old tires and car batteries are a common treasure along the waterways. The time and cost of proper disposal outweighs the ease of a secluded discard. Incidental.

Alan Noland

New Castle

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