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LETTER: A plan to rejuvenate Aspen

I digested “Aspen’s fall off-season about to hit its stride” (Aspen Times, Sept. 23) and understood Stay Aspen Snowmass President Bill Tomcich’s forecasting reasoning.

I pondered why the lack of planned Aspen business initiatives to attract consumers beyond the local market except for Hotel Jerome General Manager Anthony DiLucia’s Colorado statewide marketing plan set in motion.

Then I remembered I presented my independent report to the Aspen Commercial Core and Lodging Commission and handed it out to the Aspen City Council and others: “Aspen Off Season Hook Up Pilot Program With The Colorado Video & Film Association And ‘Hollywood Colorado’ Mutually Beneficial To All – Final Report Text May 15, 2013.”

Why don’t you read it to see whazzup?  If you don’t, your competitors will diminish your market share like magic.

My master plan is more noble and respectable than feeding like parasites off the efforts of the Aspen Skiing Co. and the Aspen Institute endeavors. Feel better when you jump on board the Yacht Veazy.

“Aspen’s Rejuvenation Via Hollywood Colorado” is smart consumer marketing.

Best wishes,

Emzy Veazy III, Esq.

Aspen and Burbank, Calif.

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