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Letter: A suggestion for the airport

It has come to my attention that several complaints are being roused regarding the Glenwood Springs Municipal Airport. 

It is no secret that the airport is no longer as prosperous as it used to be, and the complaints regarding its operations and future cannot be ignored. 

I have been conducting research on other situations similar to that of the Glenwood Airport and have come across a potential solution I strongly believe is worth looking into. 

Years ago, Stapleton International Airport was repurposed into a residential and recreational area, preserving some of the historical facility architecture, and providing the community with many needed resources. If this action were to be implemented in Glenwood, the need for complaints would be mitigated, the need for more housing would be fulfilled, the airport property would harbor a new purpose, and the general requests of the public would be met. 

I urge you to consider this option for the good of our community. Thank you for your time.


Gracie Yarrow

Glenwood Springs

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