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LETTER: A thoughtful doubter’s take on climate change

On Jan. 22 in a Post Independent Letter to the Editor Mr. Ken Fry defended Mr. Hal Sundin and named me a “denier.” I deny his allegation that I deny what he styles as “warming.”

What I am is a “thoughtful doubter.” I read, I evaluate and then I either decide or seek additional information. I am still seeking, and meantime from what I have read and observed I am a “doubter.”

Perhaps as a Rush Limbaugh listener Mr. Fry can enlighten me on the effects of Rush Limbaugh Kool-Aid.

I have no idea what Limbaugh’s take is on climate change and will not find out as having sampled his radio broadcasts I decided his ego got in the way of any useful information I might glean from his monologues and program. I have seen him attacked in the media by the liberals but don’t care to pursue the matter.

My preference is listening to and reading articles by people like Charles Krauthammer and former Ambassador to the UN John Bolton. I recommend them.

I won’t dignify Mr. Fry’s attacks on my intelligence by any comment except to say I do not expect to be caught out in a rainstorm any time soon. It is too cold. That is the nature of climate change from season to season, year to year and decade to decade, era to era.

Jack E. Blankenship

Battlement Mesa

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