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Letter: A veiled shot at a few writers

Keith Wayne
Glenwood Springs

All right, I’ll submit to my friend Don of the incessant request for me to write something. Occasionally, I enjoy doing short humor pieces that may give my fellow citizens a chuckle with their morning coffee or afternoon or evening coffee if one is a swing or graveyard shift worker, as the case may be.

Maybe someday I’ll be able to step back up, and sit down at a desk, with a good old-fashioned word processor, a coffee pot and a finely cut glass ashtray where I would be safe from the ever-advancing hordes of radical, almost militant anti-smoking people. Having my preferred “roll your owns” with a triumphal self satisfied glee.

Henceforth cranking out bits with titles such as “The pedestrian” or a short series called “conversations with my imaginary girlfriend head.” Then the epic saga of “how I restored my photo ID, without having a photo ID.”

That last one, “my fellow citizens” would actually have to have an ending.

See how I’ve managed to pull this off without allowing a very deep, soul-searing aggravation to boil over?

It is true, I really am an op-ed writer.

Darn funny one, too, occasionally.

OK, Don, next round’s on you!

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