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Letter: ACA is too expensive

If the 2,500-page health care bill that Congress passed without reading is our solution to the health care crisis, then why isn’t it good enough for Congress?

Why are all the doctors against it? Why are the health care people that it affects having so many problems with it? Apparently those who are extolling its virtues are not aware that it’s going to get really expensive if Obama doesn’t get 7 million people from the age of 18 to 25 to sign up and to pay a lot of the premiums. This is where it becomes unaffordable.

Obama can’t guarantee a low price if he can’t get at least 7 million to sign up and pay their high premiums. There are not that many jobs and what few jobs there are, those companies are stopping their health care. They can’t afford it. It doesn’t meet federal qualifications.

If you’re upset about the affordable health care crisis, then look no further than our Congress and our president. They set it up like it is, and because of mess created by the company that got paid for the program, it’s become a lot more expensive.

Jane Spaulding


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