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Letter: ACA isn’t about health care, it’s about mandatory insurance

Ross Talbott, where have you been? On what planet are you resting perception? Because in the good old USA, politicians have always been liars. They lie when they’re awake, they lie when they’re lying down and, yes, they lie in their mother’s womb if anyone cares to listen. Collectively their lies are greater than grains of sands, and this is just the campaign promises.

The biggest lie about the Affordable Care Act is not that you can’t keep your old plan or doctors or shaman, or that it isn’t affordable, but that it is about health care at all. It isn’t about health, but insurance. Like mandatory auto insurance before it, this is about a mandated market for the insurance companies. Hence the mantra of socialism. Another lie, given the fact there hasn’t yet been true socialism in even the socialist countries. They’re all amalgamations of many currents, including the good old military industrial complex of the USA.

So, why would anyone expect politicians to begin to be honest and upfront when so much willful ignorance will unquestioningly parrot their every word, only to show they are toeing the party line? Especially when a stint in Congress or the White House has become simply an internship for a lucrative lobbyist job.

Back when advertising was the infant public relations (that is, as words selling a product rather than information about it), it was called propaganda. Goebbels put a bad taste on that term but advertising and propaganda still function the same. It’s the old bait and switch that insures future market by never actually satisfying consumer needs.

As long as we treat health issues as a consumer good rather than an inalienable right, we’ll be played in to the hands of the insurance industry, now an industry that is guaranteed the whole citizenry as clients and has government do most of the administrative chores.

The solution is the same for any unjust law. Don’t sign up. Civil disobedience. Of course they took care of this problem by promising you the good old ways on the train to the concentration camps.

Eric Olander

Glenwood Springs

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