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Letter: Actually read the words

A.J. Holland
Glenwood Springs

Someone was asleep at the wheel when they titled Stacey Linman’s letter to the editor, published in the March 27 edition of the Post Independent. Did they actually read the letter? Or just skim its contents? Rather than titling the letter “Fracking is Completely Safe,” I believe Linman’s point is that fracking may not be so “completely” safe.

Sloppy editorial work is not what we expect from professional journalists. Please, Mr. Editor, take the time to actually read the words from those who take the time to write to you and express their opinions. Doing so must might actually assure a more appropriate title to their letter and gain your newspaper some integrity.

Editor’s note: The headline was based on Linman’s line, “Here’s my own tongue-in-cheek response. Fracking is ‘totally’ safe.”

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