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Letter: Add Wilderness Workshop to list

Jane Spaulding

Add Wilderness Workshop to list

I agree with Sean Berry’s March 13 letter totally, however Sean forgot one important group that is never satisfied with anything either. Sloan Shoemaker vowed that he is going to live his life to make sure that the Western Slope becomes a playground for bikers and hikers and ride the road people. 

His organization, now funded in the thousands by Aspenites want to change everything by creating an entire Western Slope into a  wilderness area where you can’t cut down the dead trees, you can’t harvest the dead trees either, you can stay on the roads only. This group doesn’t want you snowmobiling or doing anything off road.   

The Wilderness Workshop sends somebody to Congress and they want the entire Western Slope changed into a wilderness area. Include them in the list, too. So no matter how much wilderness is created by an act of Congress, it will never be enough for Sloan Shoemaker and his cohorts. He talks like he is working with the Forest Service, but in reality he isn’t.

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