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Letter: Affiliate and beat the election system

This letter is in response to one authored by Gwen Ballard, published June 24. Ms. Ballard was upset that she had to affiliate with a political party in order to vote in the primary election.

Ms. Ballard, with all due respect, freedom is not free. Indeed, you are correct that the Constitution of the United States guarantees “freedom of association,” as well as the obverse. Yet, the mere act of voting associates you with a candidate. You cannot vote and not be associated with the candidate you have voted for.

You also seem to be upset that you and the 35 percent of unaffiliated voters in Colorado were somehow frozen out of the primary election. This is ridiculous. All you had to do was show up at a polling location, register your affiliation with one of the political parties, and vote. After voting you could then simply re-register as unaffiliated.

We all know that our system of voting is rigged. I suggest to anyone who wants to make a political statement, declare your political registration for the political party you least agree with. This allows you to vote for the most moderate of the candidates of the opposing party AND the political party will waste its money mailing you candidate propaganda and endorsements.

Monkey-wrenching, my friend, is the way to address this mess. Not some silly legislation that will be laden with loopholes.

Eric D. McCafferty

Glenwood Springs

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