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LETTER: Affordable housing still an issue in GarCo

Are those who have some authority in pushing some action just continuing to stick their heads in the sand and ignore a very pressing dilemma in Garfield County?

I am speaking of the lack of low income and other affordable housing. After all, some of us just don’t measure up to Aspen standards, which do seem to set the bar for housing costs in adjacent towns.

Parachute has an old low income complex of about five units. Carbondale has one old development, as does Rifle. To my knowledge, Glenwood Springs offers three facilities — older, cramped, and dark — no balconies, no patios or outdoor space.

Just because a person might be over 65 doesn’t necessarily relegate them to a beige recliner in a dingy cubby-hole. It does not mean that we are done with sunlight and pleasant surroundings. It doesn’t mean that a kitchen must be a tiny alcove with 1950s appliances — or none at all. Fresh air is nice, too — patio, or balcony with some potted plants.

I am not expecting granite countertops nor a jacuzzi tub. But some measure of modern living would be appreciated. Because of high land prices some high-rises would probably be the best option. That’s OK. I am active, like to entertain, and I still have a bit of pride in taking care of myself. Seems as though a “nice” place to live is too much for a single senior to ask for in this area.

Carol K. Abbott


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