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Letter: All council members should quit

Let’s see. A City Council is a group that should promote conversations, brainstorming, ultimate consensus. So a member there does not agree with everyone — and that person needs to resign. Really? There is only one opinion allowed?

But that is the way this “City Council” works. I have been calling for community involvement and encouraging engagement about the future of Glenwood Springs for years. It has not happened — optical illusions of it, yes. Reality of that, no. This dysfunctional group of egos does not communicate well with each other or the community as a whole.

While I am not a supporter of Bershenyi, as he has his issues and while over the years I have worked with Jeff Hecksel (who is both easy and difficult to work with) I find myself thinking one thing: Was this process open, or fair, or if it fit into the golden rule — who would have wanted to be treated in the manner these two have been? Well, that has never been the MO of this council anyway.

All seven members of the City Council should resign. Now. And to the community: Get involved or this is what you get.

Cheryl Cain

Glenwood Springs

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