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Letter: America, love it or leave it

I am American.

Wow, Hal, you stated that the Constitution was just junk.

The reason you can write your column is because of the Constitution — the whole Constitution, not just the part you chose.

As far as Brazil, Mexico, Russia and Chile, if they are such a great place to live, then why are these people risking their lives to get out of those countries to get to the U.S.?

We may be just a bunch if gunslinging cowboys, but when the overbearing English and their superior firepower and numbers tried to suppress the dreams and desires of a free people, history shows what happened.

Thanks, but I will support the whole Constitution. Why don’t you go to Russia or Mexico and write about those countries and see how that works out. America, love it or leave it — and keep your foot off my flag.

Ron Myers

Glenwood Springs

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