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Letter: American Democracy not intact

I guess the Mueller report has not changed anyone’s mind who is still a Trump supporter. As he said when campaigning, he can shoot someone on Fifth Avenue and you would still be with him. 

The ignorance in America is appalling to me, to believe a man who has lied as many times as he has in the last two years, and so many of those lies are documented in the report. 

His lies are verified by his own people in his administration, who left their positions because they could no longer lie for him. What does it take to wake you up? 

I hope and pray it’s not the total collapse of our democracy in the United States.

The “hoax” is his spewing lies of a “deep state.” Read some history and you will see him using the same language Nixon used.

The Republican Party used to stand for limited government, controlled spending and alliances that have kept the world order since World War II. Now our deficit has exploded, and we have been isolated from our trading partners and friends. 

They have been replaced with a Russian strongman and a Middle Eastern prince, who has abused his people and starved them to death. The Saudi Arabian prince even gets a pass from Trump after murdering an American journalist. Trump also calls Kim Jung Un his friend after he killed the 22-year-old American college student, Otto.  

I am praying each day for the House Democrats to be successful in their search for the truth of what this mentally ill, evil man is doing to our country. I’ve almost lost faith in America, and can no longer respect my friends who don’t seem to care how many lies their president spews each day. 

Linda Carr


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