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Letter: America’s foreign policy is to simply point fingers

What a circus of hyperbole. Seems America’s foreign policy has become pointing fingers. Kerry points fingers at Russia and McCain points fingers at Kerry. What is down right hilarious is by pointing fingers and leveling blame they both describe themselves. This is the nature of blame-fueled projection. It’s impossible to see what is really there. Blame cannot see past the end of one’s nose, so the Secretary of State describes our own foreign interventionist tendencies as Moscow’s, failing to see Ukraine is an imploding nation where only a federation form governance can stop the country from dividing in half. With the very possible outcome of civil war if Moscow doesn’t intervene. NATO won’t and can’t do anything, so of course, Kerry doesn’t care if he fails. Most failures don’t.

Which brings us to McCain, who says of Kerry all the things that are infecting the Republican Party, which can’t face the fact their ranks have become filled with self-important mediocrity posing as effectual administrators. A party who can’t even buy an election anymore. Even with the Supreme Court’s recent campaign finance ruling to help the poor rich SOBs.

Remember WMDs? One of the U.S.’s many contrived crises. Where in the real world the crisis in Crimea has been handled, voted upon and is just delusional Gang of Six denial that they’ve let themselves become has-beens. That it’s the West’s turn to collapse to retool. This is why there are protests in the eastern provinces of Ukraine. People would rather align allegiance to a winner.

The bottom-of-the-barrel leaders big money has stuck us with, in Washington, can’t even balance their own budgets, so why on Earth would you align yourself with those whose policy for future growth and success is undermining your betters? The governments of the West aren’t only a mere shadow of themselves they’re totally in the dark. So with the lights turned low watch the circus unfold.

The good news is better things will arise on the other side of avarice’s falling away from reality and grace. The paradigm has long ago shifted to expose all woes.

Eric Olander

Glenwood Springs

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