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Letter: An electric dream

Craig Farnum

My wife and I once thought that owning a Tesla was only a dream and that we could never afford it. It was only after our lease ended on our all-electric Nissan Leaf that we realized how much money we saved over those years. Zero emissions, zero gas, practically zero maintenance (tires and windshield wipers), and tax rebates saved us thousands over a traditional car. And we loved driving it.

We are a middle-class, regular family and we just bought a base model Tesla Model S. It truly is a dream car and way more affordable than we had once thought. We’re getting $14,000 back in taxes, never have to pay for gas, take free family road trips and have the all-wheel drive needed for the mountains.

If you want more info on the reality of how much an electric vehicle really costs, I’d be happy to respond to e-mails at craigfarnum@hotmail.com. (And no, I don’t work for a car company.)

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