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Letter: An idea for Aspenites

Thank you for publishing the series on lack of affordable housing in the area. Wonder if anyone will take up the challenge. I looked for an apartment in Glenwood and had to give up.

The places for seniors, in particular, are dark holes with no patios nor balconies. Just seems that the rich and famous were able to “buy” an entire scenic area at the expense of others.

I have a suggestion: Maybe the ultrawealthy in Aspen should contribute toward multiple affordable complexes for those people who wait their tables, scrub their toilets, tend their lawns and teach their children.

Since her landlord is selling my daughter’s rental, she and kids will being going on a hunt to find the impossible. No, she does not want to move nor commute 40 miles one way to her job. Hope you keep on with this reality check. (Affordable does not mean $1,000 and up for a one-bedroom or even two-bedroom apartment.)

Carol Abbott

Battlement Mesa

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