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Letter: Anderson’s questionable sources

The obviously invented quotes attributed by Bob Anderson in his Nov. 6 letter, “Environmental wackos’ ridiculous claims,” gives rise to several questions concerning his breadth of reading and sources for his beliefs.

In a few short clicks, I found the source of the quotes to be a website titled, “To the Point News,” where for a mere $120 annual fee, one can receive printed newsletters as well as site access. I was unable to spend the time or money needed to check all the resume of Jack Wheeler, who apparently runs the site. His claims of formulating the Reagan Doctrine; retracing Hannibal’s route over the Alps with elephants of his own; discovering previously uncontacted jungle tribes; conducting worldwide expeditions on several continents; free-falling over the North Pole, where he has led some 20 expeditions; fighting the Russians with Afghan mujahideen; living with Amazonian headhunters at age 16; hunting tigers at age 17 in Vietnam; fighting with the Nicaraguan Contras; etc., etc., etc., seem totally incredible. I suspect some, if not all, are as invented as his Kerry quotes.

The idiocy Mr. Anderson hoped to demonstrate by showing Kerry’s supposed ignorance about global climate change was instead demonstrated by the support elements of his letter.

This leads me to make some recommendations:

1) Mr. Anderson, please consult a broad spectrum of sources to form your conclusions. It will improve your credibility.

2) PI editors, please fact check the more outrageous claims in your published letters. It will improve your credibility.

David Schroeder

New Castle

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