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Letter: Another verse, same as the first

In the next couple of days the President will give his State of the Union message to Congress and to the American people. It will again be a message as to what great shape the country is in, a review of all the great accomplishments of he and his administration (he will say “I” at least a couple of dozen times), a list of proposed programs that we can’t afford or have no way of paying for, and he will stress why we need to have bipartisan discussions to resolve the issues where we disagree (known as “do it my way or else”).

Listening to all this is akin to going to the same old karaoke bar to hear the same guy sing the same song hoping that some will applaud and tell him he knows how to really knows how to sing. Just like last year and the years before, another verse same as the first.

Hope there are some good re-runs on TV that night!

L.W. Hunley

Grand Junction, Colo.

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