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Letter: AP debate continues

So, according to Stacey Craft, encouraging students to sign up for AP classes is now called coercion. Wow, that’s a rather strong allegation.

Unless, according to Stacey, it’s AP chemistry or art, which seem to have met her approval. Did you know, Stacey, that contrary to your misleading statement, GSHS only requires students to take one AP class? Tell me what’s wrong with challenging kids to go beyond their comfort zone?

Also, the Colorado Education Initiative has covered most of the cost for the AP programs, and students only have to pay $46 for each exam, not $92. Sounds a lot better than a little less than $180 for a CMC class. I’m not sure where you’re getting your information but it’s not costing the district tens of thousands of dollars to run this AP program. Again, please cite me your sources on this.

I’m just tired of generalizations people use when they don’t like something. You said that, “there is little dialogue with students to see what they want to accomplish during high school,” then explain why my daughter showed me her four-year plan she created with her counselor as a freshman and then revised as a sophomore based on where she wants to be when she graduates high school. That sounds a lot like “choosing” your own path to me.

Did you know that GSHS offers a class called College and Career Discovery to help prepare students for life after high school college bound or not or that GSHS has a work/study program for some students so they can be working in the community learning trade jobs while still going to school?

You “chose” a different path for your daughter and she’s successful — that was the point of my letter. Why do you keep attacking the local high schools? It seems like you have an ax to grind. I have also heard from teachers and parents thanking me for my rebuttal of your guest opinion and speaking the truth as well. But what do I know? I’m just an RFSD teacher speaking his mind.

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