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Letter: AP not bad for everyone

With all due respect I completely disagree with Stacey Craft’s guest opinion. Really, Stacey, AP does little to create happy, lifelong learners? Our school district wastes taxpayer money on fees, teacher training, supplies and salaries for AP?

Show me those numbers.

AP erroneously teaches students that “quality academics” means hours of joyless studying, and it robs them of free time to do valuable internships and pursue their own passions? What, based on your daughter’s experience? All you needed to say, Stacey, was that your daughter didn’t have a good experience with AP classes and if your child is in the same situation there are other alternatives.

Instead you go on to condemn AP like it’s the Death Star of education.

Since you mentioned your daughter’s experience I thought I’d share my son’s experience with you. My son took eight AP classes in high school. No one told him to take them; he took them because he loves to learn. For his efforts he received a few local scholarships, one merit scholarship and he accumulated 31 credits. The one thing he told me about his first year of college is how prepared he is for the workload because of the rigors of his AP classes and the teachers he had in high school.

Maybe I should ask him if George Mason University is a real college, because according to you AP provides little preparation for real colleges.

He did all of this while being class president for three years and student body president his senior year, playing tennis at Aspen High School for two years, being the manager for the Coal Ridge girls basketball team and serving on the board of directors for the River Center in New Castle.

He also had time to ski, camp, hike and, yes, play the PS4. Just because it didn’t work for your daughter, Stacey, I guess we should get rid of AP altogether since it doesn’t create happy, lifelong learners. Next time I talk to my son I’m going to tell him to quit being so happy and stop learning so dang much.

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