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Letter: Apply for alternate positions on the Planning Commission

I seriously thought about putting an ad in the Post Independent that would read:

“WANTED: Volunteers for exciting and dynamic position on the Glenwood Springs Planning Commission! Long hours, no pay, but fabulous rewards in knowing you are working to make a significant contribution to our community and a better future for Glenwood Springs. No experience necessary. Must be a good listener.”

Alas, I will leave the ad writing to others. However, I would like to encourage citizens of Glenwood Springs to apply for one of two alternate positions we have open on the Planning Commission. It is an excellent way to get involved with the community and to be in the know about what is happening. There are a lot of things going on in Glenwood right now. Be part of shaping Glenwood’s future.

For information or to apply contact the Glenwood Springs Community Development Department at 970-384-6411. The application form may be found at http://www.cogs.us/boards/application.htm.

We’d love to have you

Kathy Trauger

Chair, Glenwood Springs Planning and Zoning Commission

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