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Letter: Are the commissioners stoned?

Have you seen the fanciest bridge in Garfield County? You don’t have to drive far to see it. It’s just up Four Mile road. And you know the spot, too — aka “Dead Man’s Curve”. You know … the same spot the majority of people who reside up Four Mile did not want touched, yet the County Commissioners decided to disregard the majority, and instead spend at least $3 million-plus to improve it? Yeah — that spot.

Well it gets even better! How? The fanciest bridge you have ever seen in all of Garfield County is now located in this spot! How lucky are we?!

This bridge serves as a crossing over Four Mile creek for maybe 15 residential homes on the other side of the creek. But when you look at it — it’s like you’re at the gates of an exclusive club entrance with no holds-barred with regards to spending. In addition, the bridge itself has massive custom stonework that must have cost a fortune. Surprised? Nope. Needed? Nope. Good idea? Nope. Great way to “stretch the county dollar”? Absolutely nope.

So now we county folks have a bridge that’s stoned.

Are the Commissioners as well? I’m guessing that maybe they are, as they are spending money like they were at a 7-Eleven with the munchies, and doing a poor job of listening at the same time.

Dave Heyliger

Glenwood Springs

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