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Letter: Arensman: An asset to community

Greg Jeung
Glenwood Springs

I support Russ Arensman as Glenwood Springs City Council representative for not only those residents in Ward 1, but for all residents within the city limits, those in the greater Glenwood community and all who pass through, shop, visit or work in Glenwood. Russ, as a known quantity with a proven record of knowledge, interest and dedication to his community, is the best choice for balancing today’s realities with pending issues and impacts, along with realistic planning for the future.

Russ has necessary, critical experience and has been very involved in his community in many different ways, including a four-year term on City Council. For many, many years before, during and after his council term he served on a variety of boards, commissions and committees. He has advocated for efficiency measures along with locally produced energy and alternative energy sourcing, integrally important with continued electric rate increases.

Russ has been very committed to many planning and circulation efforts centered on our historic downtown, including many aspects related to the Grand Avenue bridge replacement. Ward 1 residents and businesses will be specifically impacted by the Grand Avenue bridge replacement project. He is already up to speed with the nuances and legalities of our city government, including ex parte restrictions and quasi-judicial matters. He has familiarity and history with other public entities, governing bodies, and personnel. He knows the importance of working together cooperatively, with consistency, without disruption or undue influence by special interests or alliances.

Approaching 30 years of Glenwood Springs being home to Russ and his family, he has shown his love, support and dedication to our community through his involvement and willingness to be an elected public servant. He has served in a responsible, educated, effective, cooperative manner with openness and honesty. I believe Russ is well aware of the diversity and needs of his Ward 1 constituency, both residents and business owners. He realizes the challenges to and importance of their successes and by extension to our community. As a critical thinker, and a diligent and independent decision-maker, he values the work done by many to lead our community through the years of recession, limited budgets and making proper choices resulting in the successes and recovery we see today. Many of us would vote for Russ if we could, but as a Ward 1 voter, your choice is important for you, and all of us who visit, live, or work in Glenwood Springs.

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