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Letter: Arensman equals effective action

This newspaper wants people of “action” on City Council. OK with me. However what none of us want is Ready, Fire, Aim. We want not only action, but sure-handed and effective action and, here, Russ Arensman is your man. Russ aims first and consistently hits his target.

Russ has a track record of action in his prior term as city councilor. Witness his effectiveness as councilor in working to see that the new library was properly located in the downtown core. What a mistake it would have been to site the library on the city perimeter. Russ was also instrumental as councilor in initiating plans for our new parking structure, which is now adding to the commercial vitality of downtown.

Russ is a tested and proven commodity on City Council; he knows how to move things from the dreaming board to the drawing board.

Consider the cost of having an inexperienced person on council. Inexperience can foster its own form of inaction as, often, an individual must “learn the ropes” before he or she can even begin to be effective. This is particularly true in the political environment of City Council, where issues are generally complex and laden with consequences. Russ has the patience and level-headedness required to stay on task while others might be tempted to quit in frustration. He can, and does, get it done.

Russ has one other invaluable attribute as city councilor. His occupation as a writer for national publications gives him a unique and independent perspective on our town — one in which he is not beholden to any special interests that could color his decisions.

The Post Independent rightly points out that there are several urgent issues of critical importance now in front of City Council. In these circumstances my vote would go to Russ, who can not only hit the ground running with no time lag coming “up to speed,” but who already has well-thought-out action plans for our most critical issues.

Every vote is precious, so vote experience, vote action, vote Russ Arensman.

Michael Larime

Glenwood Springs

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