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Letter: Arrogance from RFSD

John Korrie
Glenwood Springs

Before you make your decision on the RE-1 school bond issue, sit down and take a deep breath. I want you to think about how much you and your family have given up since the recession of 2008. Vacations you could not afford, remodels on your house that there just wasn’t enough extra money to do and colleges your children wanted to go to but you had to have them go elsewhere because of expense.

Because RE-1 thinks we are totally out of that recession and have extra money sitting around, enough extra money to ask for $122 million. That to me is the ultimate in arrogance, to say we need $122 million in order to educate your children.

They always say its for the kids, like kids in lesser expensive buildings don’t get as good of an education. It feels like RE-1 doesn’t understand how difficult it is to make it in this valley, with grocery prices rising, auto registrations going up and, like a lot of you, my property taxes just went up 35 percent.

I think we need to remind them of a term most of us have heard from our parents; “You need to learn to make do with what you can afford. Live within your means.”

And then RE-1 wants us to finance them so they can become building contractors and build teacher housing, are you kidding me. Shouldn’t that be left to the city and county to work out?

If you or I were to walk into our bank and ask for $2 million to build a new house, the loan officer would say, “Let’s see what you are planning to build.” And if you were to say, “Oh, I don’t really have any of that info to show you, I am just going to build whatever I feel like building.” We all know that the bank would show us the door. So why is the school district any different than you or I, especially when we are not loaning them the money, we are giving them the money?

We have no absolutes on where our $122 million will go. Take the new Grand Avenue bridge for example. CDOT who doesn’t need our permission to spend the $100 million, but has presented the taxpayers how many drawings, diagrams and to scale models of the bridge. RE-1 wants $122 million and we have seen nothing to show where this money is going. We as taxpayers very seldom have the ability to say no to a tax increase, but with the bond issue we have total control to say $122 million is too much.

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