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LETTER: At least Tipton is trying

I read with a chuckle that somebody is already complaining that the survey that Scott Tipton sent out didn’t quite cover all of the problems with this government.

Well, I think he covered quite a little considering that he is even bothering to try and understand those of us in Colorado. If you have ever called any of these so called senators from Colorado and if you have bothered to go online to get their opinion, you would know that they are only giving all of us lip service.

Udall, Bennett and DeGette apparently can’t be bothered unless of course we are shelling out thousands of dollars to their re-election. I have written all of them, several times a week. I have called them, left messages. Tipton was the only one who bothered to call back and listen to any opinions we had.

All of those from Colorado, especially Udall and Bennett, are way past “needing to be gone.” Don’t worry, they sure want your vote.

Well, I am willing to pass out fliers for Randy Baumgardner. Like he said we need a few cowboy hats in the arena and a lot less arrogance out of any of them.

Jane Spaulding


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