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Letter: Bad scene around the pedestrian bridge

Cydny Norris

I’ve been a good tourist in Glenwood for 40 years now. I come a couple of times a year and enjoy the friendly atmosphere, the beautiful views while hiking or snowshoeing. Of course I love the pool and spend a lot of time there. The restaurants are just right, and the sense of community is strong. I love your town, and I’ve always felt welcome and safe.

However, something needs to be done about the youths and young adults hanging out around the pedestrian bridge. I’m sure the majority of them are simply bored and harmless, and are congregating for fun. But in the three days I was there recently, I witnessed a drunken fight, complete with chase down the lane. I was begged for change and cigarettes. I watched tourists act afraid, and that broke my heart a little.

I’m a woman who travels alone, and I can take care of myself. I work with indigent patients, and I’m very good at assessing legitimate threat. A general tourist is simply going to be alarmed and intimidated, and the stories they tell when they get home will not be positive.

I’ve no solutions to offer beyond having a patrol through there frequently. Since you’re obviously a strong community, maybe this could be addressed on a community level. I care deeply about Glenwood and I hope you can find a solution to this issue.

I will always return to Glenwood, but I’m concerned that other tourists won’t. With an economy so dependent on tourism, I know you’ll find an appropriate way to address this problem.

Cheers, and thanks for 40 great years.

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