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Letter: Balanced plan for Roan

The Roan Plateau is a wonderful place that I’ve been exploring for many years. I’ve admired its striking geology and wildlife, caught cutthroat and brook trout, camped among its aspen groves and worked many hours as a volunteer on projects to help restore habitat along its small, scenic streams.

After years of conflict over oil and gas development plans for the Roan, the BLM has issued a new Environmental Impact Statement with a preferred alternative for responsible energy development on the Roan Plateau. The BLM preferred alternative would keep drilling out of the Roan’s most important fish and wildlife habitats but allow for responsible development to move forward on portions of Anvil Ridge and along the Roan’s base. It is a balanced plan that allows for responsible natural gas development while also protecting sensitive watersheds.

The Roan proposal strikes a reasonable balance between preservation and responsible energy development. It is a model for planning energy development throughout western Colorado. The BLM is accepting public comments through Feb. 18 via email to roanplateau@blm.gov. I hope many others will join me in urging the BLM to adopt this agreement and to bring the same thoughtful planning to bear as they look at energy leasing throughout our region.

Ken Neubecker

Glenwood Springs

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