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Letter: Basalt witch hunt?

Now that the election is past, I wonder how Mary Kenyon of Basalt fared on her investigation of her voting neighbors.

I wonder if she found the “shenanigans” she expected to find merely because when she saw people voting on Election Day – and she didn’t recognize them. Or if she instead found civic-minded citizens who did their job by voting.

I realize Basalt is a small community, but in a nation which has one of the worst participation records when it comes to voting, “investigate them!” is not the response I would hope for from a fellow citizen.

I would instead want to cheer that my fellow citizens saw their duty and did it, without fear of persecution or repercussion. Instead, it sounds very much as if Ms. Kenyon immediately set out to gathering kindling for a witch hunt.

Your candidate didn’t win, Ms. Kenyon. Did you ever stop to think the reason he lost is that the voters didn’t want him, not that there was a nefarious plot in play? This is just another example, on a smaller scale, of the divisiveness that has taken over political discourse in America.

When will everyone realize it’s a bad Three Stooges act and they’re poking fingers in their own eyes?

Kathy Wilson


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