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Letter: Be aware of political challenges that allow greed, mismanagement

What makes America so great? Individual freedoms that’s what.

The freedom of independent thinking and the freedom of self-expression: Nothing has yet surpassed this blessing our Founding Fathers bestowed upon us. Our freedoms are a treasure that has been the foundation of our growth and prosperity. Self expression to invent, explore and expand our wealth and knowledge according to our individual abilities.

Governments and people throughout the world have sought better ways through total dictatorships, communism, and other socialistic polices of governing. No matter how hard they try democratic capitalistic societies have proven to provide the best opportunities that fuel individuals’ motivations that evolve into more productive societies. Change is, however, inevitable, as the freedoms we enjoy provide new ideas and challenges to improve as well as endanger our way of life. Our religious values in the many religions throughout America seek to help the poor and less fortunate. In so doing we as a free, God-fearing people reach out to them through programs of help and assistance.

Today many find themselves conflicted over what are actually socialistic programs that over the years have created a dependency that steals the motivations that help build the growth of America. Whether by lack of proper individual enforcement or bureaucratic failures of another nature, it has become a political football in our society. For all the good religious and common-sense reasons for the initial implementations of these programs, certainly corrections are needed.

The fabric of America is in itself designed for evolutionary change. Certain social programs are justified when operated properly, but it is our government who we depend on through our elected representatives to see they are managed correctly.

The very same is also needed in today’s world of schemes and things in some parts of the financial corporate world. Taxes, which support the many facets of our daily lives including social programs, also subsidize and support much in the corporate world. We must be ever aware of the political challenges that have allowed greed and mismanagement to infiltrate America.

Jim Childers

New Castle

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