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Letter: Be cautious about hope

Dick Prosence

The Post Independent last week ran an editorial titled “A message of hope,” within which the author advocated being more tolerant to followers of Islam and other extremists.

If the world were a more perfect place not inhabited by millions of people who worship from a book, similar to the Holy Bible, which calls all of us “infidels,” if we don’t agree with the teachings in that book and advocates that we all be killed, then I would have to agree.

I am a child (91 years old) of immigrants who came from Slovenia many years ago, and became loyal U.S. citizens not wanting to murder anyone. My father was a hard-working coal miner, and my stepfather was a respected, self-educated businessman, both of whom provided for our family without assistance from the federal government or other entity.

In order to accept Muslims as citizens of the U.S., their teachings would require a revelation from above that would instruct them that killing of “infidels” was no longer tolerated, much in the manner, a few years ago, that Mormons, by revelation, learned that it was OK for blacks to hold the priesthood in the LDS church.

The revelation should go on to say that women’s rights should be equal to those of men in regard to work, education and access to all public affairs, as true American citizens. In other words, these immigrants should become loyal Americans much as most of us are.

Until such a revelation is forthcoming, Muslim immigration should be extremely limited and carefully monitored.

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