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Letter: Be kind; throw away your trash

I am a 30-year resident of Grand Junction. I am really disappointed when I go out in the city to exercise to see all of the littering that has been going on. It is an insult to anyone to see it.

I love this place. Please give back to your city by being courteous and putting trash where it belongs — not in our sculpture areas or flower gardens and places of art display.

The city of Grand Junction gives back to you endlessly. Think of all the events that you, as a resident, can enjoy for free, like music festivals and gatherings. Be kind and pitch in with your responsibility.

There is a recycle bin or trash bin every block on Main Street. Please keep our city as beautiful as it really is.

I do it every day and I do it unconditionally. If we all pitch in we can overcome the discarded trash blowing all over. If you see trash on the ground, pick it up and put it where it belongs. We all benefit from your efforts.

Thank you.

Robert L. Guimont

Grand Junction, Colo.

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