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Letter: Be reasonable on climate change

I have read with considerable interest over the past few weeks the column by James Kellogg and the responses generated. It is obvious that global warming is an issue of diverse and emotional interest. Let me offer my thoughts on this matter.

Individuals on both sides have dug in their heels on this issue. Mr. Kellogg argues that virtually nothing should be done based on his understanding of the technical issues and his belief that the great majority of scientists involved in this topic have not convincingly made their case. Others seem to argue that we are already too late and that we need to take aggressive actions now.

Rather than get bogged down in this argument leading to continuation of little action, would not the responsible thing to do be for each of us to take those actions that would be relatively easy and economically efficient to accomplish? For example, we can readily improve the weather proofing of our homes, make sure each family vehicle that we replace is more fuel efficient than the last one, and minimize the mileage that we drive by planning our trips more carefully.

More collectively, we need to support the continual governmental efforts for achieving higher fuel efficiency in vehicles. Beyond that, even though future power plants need to rely less on coal fuels, perhaps we need to not only look toward increased use of natural gas for those plants but even begin to reconsider increased use of nuclear power with its associated absence of greenhouse gases.

Let’s begin to take this matter seriously in the event the world scientists just may be right.

Gary Broetzman

New Castle

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