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Letter: Beautiful music

It is a known fact that this valley has a wealth of very talented musicians of all genres. I wish to mention two classical groups here who recently gave amazing concerts. One is the Roaring Fork Youth Orchestra, which gathers its members from the valley and beyond, all ages. All levels rehearse once a week, take private lessons weekly and give multiple concerts twice a year. This audience member attends regularly and has enjoyed watching them mature in their musicianship. Don’t miss their next concerts—see their website for more information: https://www.roaringforkmusicsociety.org.

The other group is the High Mountain Strings/Sinfonia. A group of professional string players sometimes with guests (winds and brass), I was very fortunate to perform with them recently. Performing without a conductor, each member has such great passion for making every aspect of the music just right, and all thoughts are considered. For me, it was a most rewarding experience. Keep your eye out for their next concerts also.

Deborah Barnekow

El Jebel

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