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Letter: Beinstein: I can work with Ryan

Of all the staffs I contacted in the House and Senate, the only team to get back to me was Paul Ryan’s. His chief of staff said “thanks for reaching out.”

If I am lucky enough to get to Congress, and in so doing defeat both Scott Tipton and Gail Schwartz, I think Paul Ryan and I could have a good working relationship. That doesn’t mean we don’t have major differences on Saudi Arabia, trade and the budget. But on the following issues we see similarly: Having compassion for the poor and helping at a local level, standing up to a very assertive China in the South China Sea, returning power back to the states and the people, and reducing corporate income taxes to stimulate the private economy. In short, Paul Ryan and I share enough common ground to work together in good faith.

And although Speaker Ryan hasn’t always voted the way I would like, he seems like a genuinely very decent man. He spends much time in poor neighborhoods. According to McKay Coppins’s book “The Wilderness,” Speaker Ryan was, in private, outraged by Mitt Romney’s crude 47 percent remark. And both Democrats and Republicans always speak about his legendary work ethic.

In this environment in Washington, in which things are so toxic, we’re going to need to be creative and open minded. We’re going to need to both increase tariffs and decrease corporate taxes to get American workers and American industry back on track. And it is my judgment that Speaker Ryan will, at the very least, carry with him a youthful spirit that absorbs and tries to act on the will of the voters.

Alex Beinstein

Carbondale, GOP candidate for Third District congressional seat

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