Letter: Bennet’s failings

Senator Bennet is another career politician. He will say and do anything to get re-elected. He is saying that no person who goes to college should have to be in debt.

So does that mean he wants them to go to a bank and borrow the money? If you’re out of college and you can’t find a job, are looking for a job, there are no jobs, then how can you possibly borrow money to pay back what you owe? Maybe Bennet is going to tell you how to finance your college education without a job.

Oh, you might have a job, but is it in your field that you just spent how many years studying? Or are you unable to find a job in your field because your having to compete with foreign-educated workers which Obama and Bennet have allowed to come here to the USA because we don’t have enough educated young people for the kind of work here in the USA. That is his excuse.

Bennet has voted with Obama at least 90 percent of the time. So, Bennet, why do you keep lying about the border being so safe? Trump wants the border closed up and a fence built and we need it manned by Marines.

Bennet, where are the jobs that were promised from the first term of Obama? Yet to see them. Oh, that maybe the 40 million jobs that Obama said were government employees on the taxpayers’ dime. That dime is getting thinner and smaller.

Audrey Jane Spaulding


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