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Letter: Bershenyi should refrain from allegations

Ted Edmonds
Glenwood Springs

Having served on the Glenwood City Council from 2011 to 2015, I can understand the frustration that Councilor Bershenyi feels when he believes that improper discussions have been held among other councilors prior to votes.

I often wondered if something like that may have occurred when certain members of the council, including Mr. Bershenyi, appeared to vote in unison without sufficient public discussion.

In the absence of concrete evidence that something improper had occurred, I felt that I should not accuse anyone of doing something wrong based on an unconfirmed suspicion. If, in fact, the article in the Post Independent is correct I believe he should refrain from these kinds of inflammatory statements.

That article stated that Mr. Bershenyi told the PI that he can’t substantiate his suspicion but then he went on to say, “They’re coming to meetings with decisions made.” He states that as a fact while admitting that he can’t substantiate it.

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