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Letter: Beware Tide survey scam

Tillie Fischer
Glenwood Springs

As a former employee of the Market Research Department of Procter & Gamble, I read and wanted to participate in what appeared to be a market research study of two kinds of Tide. Answer questions like how many loads of wash per week, were the clothes clean, would I buy that variety of Tide, etc.

Yes, I got the promised Tide, but I also got a 45-minute presentation of Patriot High Performance Cleaning System (basically a fancy vacuum cleaner) that retails at a mere $3,295, but since he thought we would be paying cash and we were senior citizens, it would be a mere $2,600, tax included. Save your time and effort, don’t let this con game get you like it did me.

My next letter will go to P&G — what are they thinking?

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